EcoClosure LLC is an university spin-off company, focusing on the design, engineering, and implementation of regenerable building enclosures for commercial, industrial and residential applications. EcoClosure has been funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) to carry out R&D and initial commercialization of microalgae windows. EcoClosure is a finalist of the 2020 Blue Diamond Cool Innovation Award that exemplifies creativity, execution and applied invention and addresses a new approach to an old problem for lasting and far reaching changes.

Dr. Kyoung Hee Kim PhD AIA NCARB is the Founder and CEO of EcoClosure LLC, a university spin-off focusing on regenerable building technologies. She is a registered architect in North Carolina and has practiced as both architect and engineer. Her expertise lies in performance-based design, innovative building systems integration, and regenerable facades. Dr. Kim has been engaged in a wide range of high performance buildings around the world that received numerous publications and awards for design excellence and technological advancement. Dr. Kim holds a Master of Architecture, a Master of Science, and a PhD in Architecture from the University of Michigan Ann Arbor.


Dr. Chengde Wu is specialized in building simulation, advanced parametric modeling, building information modeling (BIM), digital fabrication, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality. His work is primarily focused on employing digital technologies to advance the architecture design process. He also practiced professional design in Beijing and Seoul, primarily focused on high-rise residential complexes and office buildings. Dr. Wu holds a PhD in Architecture and a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Texas A&M University.

Dr. Matthew Parrow is a Director of the Microbial Ecophysiology and Evolution Laboratory in the Department of Biological Sciences at UNC Charlotte. Dr. Parrow, an expert in the field of microalgal growth, culturing, and physiology, has engaged in this microalgae window research since 2011 and has led research on cultivating microalgae and monitoring biomass growth to validate air quality benefits. Dr. Parrow holds a PhD in Plant and Microbial Biology from North Carolina State University.